Songsri in the mountains of Thailand
with Dominick

Tony working toward his Brown belt at age 8
A kick that impressed everyone

Michelle at a Christmas party
Dominick explaining the facts of life to Pappa

Jungle wehere kids went camping with Songsri
Benedetta - Daughter of my friend

getting it washed
Pappa's Honda Accord

On a recent trip when we also had the opportunity to visit one of our Cruise book clients aboard the U.S.S. Essex

Michael's recent Birthday party with many friends, dancing girls, live music and all

Anyone that alleges that images of Michael are PHOTO SHOPPED by Shampoo
are liars and will burn in hell!!


Michael H. and John C both very dear friends of Michael
With special friend Lenny, Mike H's wife & the local Police Chief  --  Michael's Shampoo taking a break
Michael's favorite girls;  Lynn (Sister in Law) Joy (Songsri's cousin) and her stuff these girls!!

once we drank, things got confused; John kissed Michael, Lenny stuck a finger in his....and the girls just danced until the they were dizzy, when in fact it should have been the other way around

If you look at the images you will understand why Patrick calls her "MOUTH"

singing and dancing the night away
John ???? who is that?
Songsri's and Michelle's trip to Chiang Rai with friends of the family

Many images of the entire family at Kho Lan during Adriana's visit to Thailand





The family with Adriana at Kho Lan

Tony on his way to Taekwondo lessons - Teacher says he is a "NATURAL"
Recently we attended and helped out with the 4th of July Celebrations
at the U.S. Consulate in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Michael was the MC and Songsri helped out selling Beer and Hot Dogs 


Songsri won a 2 day stay in a Deluxe Suite at the RatiLanna Resort (click images to visit the site)


Upon our return we celebrated Michelle's, Tony's & Dominik's Birthday which are days apart

Michelle got a Mini Notebook that is second to none and the boys got a Sony PlayStation 

On a recent trip to the Beach near Pattaya
This is our annual vacation spot on an island called Koh Chang in the Gulf of Thailand.  Just got back!
Our Tony on the way to a merit making Buddhist ceremony with classmates
Mommy and kids at Sukhothai Tony with his consort at the ceremony

A recent visit by my niece Liane Glatz and her friend Evelyn in Thailand


Very old Buddha statues in the village Wat - Liane and Songsri on a night on the town - Liane having a manicure and pedicure


Relaxing and reading on the balcony - Nearby temples of Kamphaeng Phet


Michael with two of the kids - Tony coming home from school, being met by an Elephant - Buddha statue at Sukhothai


Bamboo thicket - Temples at Sukhothai - Liane with our Boots

"Boots" relaxing in his new surroundings - Michelle being cute and with her awards for winning two sports competitions at school

Dominik trying the family's Honda - Anthony "Tony" Alexander on his way to the first day of Kindergarten - With his lovely sister Jasmine "Michelle' Elenore 



They used to wrap Apples in these, but we wrap onions in them - Pattaya Beach - "Dominik" Christopher and Michelle at Jomtien Beach


Tony relaxing after a swim  -  Digging their way to Europe - Mommy, Tony, Dominik and Michelle at Jomtien Beach

Do not be deceived!.  They are cute, but, a bundle of trouble, that can drive you up the wall !
 Dominik with his girlfriend - the kids cooling off in the garden (barrel of fun)


Tony talking to an Elephant - Songsri with some of her many Orchids


A recent visit by our friends from Bangkok with our "Princess" Michelle & Tony checking out the camera with Horst - The kids at the Zoo & at Hotel   


The kids at the Zoo, in the Hotel room and Swimming at the Hotel's pool, on a recent Consulate visit to Chiang Mai


Our Darling Michelle growing into a little bright little star - Our Mommy with the Cellphone that Santa brought her


The boys enjoying their Sunday morning - Our little Princess Michelle 


Playing on the soft grass - Michelle riding a Chang (Elephant) while Tony supervises

 Various poses by the Monsters


The birds that are the family's new hobby  - OOPS! suddenly they multiply - Where will it stop? Up to more than a dozen now!

Mommy with her Tony - Brother and Sister all dressed up with no where to go


Dominik on a mini trip with Mommy in the 4 wheeler - Some friends of ours keep tigers at their house -  Click on the Tiger to see more


Mommy and kids at the Sunday Market


Michelle alone - A shot of driveway with new sitting bench that Mommy and Papa relax on 


The ne
arby Monastery - Another view of our home - Our neighbors home, which causes us to always remain humble


Tony always trying so hard to be good? Sometimes even succeeding!


Papa's little Mermaid  -  Mommy & two of the tribe


Brother and Sister in Love? Well sometimes! - A barrel of fun - The King of Chocolate

Mommy checking on her Orchids - Tony and Michelle at a nearby resort

Life can be so exhausting... now I understand Papa's need to nap so much - Dominik, Tony and Mommy


Michelle with her first earrings - Tony caught in a serene moment - Mesmerized by the movie "Pinocchio"


Michelle shining brightly - Tony the Tiger feeling just GREEEEEEAT!


Mommy - A rare arm in arm scene


A nice Restaurant that Mommy & Papa recently visited - Overlooking Pattaya


From the times before Dominik - Having a "Bad Hair Day"


After the evening bath  - Tony learning to count 


Tony in a Hmong outfit - Michelle with her Omi (Grandmother when she was in Thailand in the year 2000)  - Tony riding his bike

Butterflies the size of two hands - Fishing in the Gulf - and Life on the Beach


The island of Kho Chang is where we spend our annual vacation getting away from it all

Family News

 A place where you can find the latest news about the entire family
  • On 2 December 2005, My Mother Ada Elenora Kampf (Glatz) passed away due to heart and lung disease from which she suffered for years, mainly due to her smoking habit and unhealthy lifestyle.  She will be missed by all and we hope that God will take her to his side, for she was always a good person within her heart, thinking of others before herself all through life, especially where her kids were concerned.  She overcame pride and many times even gave up her dignity just to take care of her children.  She will be sorely missed by all.
  • Our Mommy continues being happy in her role as a full time housewife and Mommy.  She continues to take good care of Michelle, Tony, Dominik and Papa. She still is doing some occasional volunteer work for the village and now her newfound desire to buidl the new hosue in Chiang Mai is definitely keeping her busy. 

Varied views of the house


Again the house and garden - Michelle and her beautiful Aunt Lynn


Waterfalls within our local area - The golden temples of Chiang An ancient statue of Buddha - The famous ruins of Sukhothai 

A note from Michael:  Sometime I feel guilty for having had so much in the way of a wonderful life.  First having been so very lucky and now, later in life, having such a fantastic family, yet haven given others so little of me throughout life.  The largest and most important part in my life until the present were my twenty years of military service and my time in Vietnam.  Later, I lived the American dream, which I created for myself as a businessman, in Italy and Europe.  I had earned the financial freedom, that I had never known.  I was intoxicated by it for a long long time, before finally waking up one day and seeing life for what it was.  Now while starting to become older and wiser, as was my Father, in my cherished memories of him, I am able to truly appreciate the present, for these are our life's best moments.  I watch daily and intently as our children grow, mature and develop into almost identical copies of Songsri and me. It seems that our Gods have blessed us, for they seem to only have the good characteristics from both of us.  It is still a time when our children listen and learn from our tales of  life and where we can make a significant difference in their futures, by teaching them to be better than we were and to give more of themselves than their Papa and Mommy ever did.  Hopefully the world may become a better place for it.

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